E-Commerce Specialist - B2B Wholesale Website, SEO, and Social Media

Ta'if, Saudi Arabia
Department: Business
Job Description


  • Minimum 3 years in E-Commerce, SEO, and Social Media, preferably in a wholesales-related role.


  • Graduation


  • 3000 SAR per month

Key Responsibilities:

  • E-Commerce Management:
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the B2B wholesale e-commerce platform.
  • Manage product listings, pricing, and inventory to ensure a seamless online shopping experience for wholesale customers.
  • SEO Strategy:
  • Develop and execute effective SEO strategies to improve the website's visibility and search engine rankings.
  • Conduct keyword research, on-page optimization, and implement technical SEO enhancements.
  • Social Media Management:
  • Create and manage social media accounts for the wholesale business.
  • Develop and execute social media strategies to increase brand awareness, engagement, and drive traffic to the e-commerce platform.
  • Content Creation:
  • Generate high-quality content for the website, including product descriptions, blog posts, and other relevant content to improve SEO and engage target audiences.
  • Analytics and Reporting:
  • Utilize analytics tools to monitor and analyze website traffic, user behavior, and the effectiveness of SEO and social media efforts.
  • Prepare regular reports with actionable insights for management.
  • B2B Customer Engagement:
  • Implement strategies to engage and nurture relationships with B2B wholesale customers.
  • Utilize CRM systems to manage customer interactions and feedback.
  • Competitor Analysis:
  • Stay informed about competitors and industry trends.
  • Conduct regular competitor analysis to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Technical Skills:
  • Proficient in e-commerce platforms, SEO tools, and social media management tools.
  • Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in e-commerce, SEO, and social media.
  • Collaboration:
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to align SEO and social media efforts with overall marketing strategies.
  • Work closely with sales and customer service teams to ensure a cohesive customer experience.
  • Training and Development:
  • Provide training and guidance to internal teams on best practices related to e-commerce, SEO, and social media.
  • Stay updated on industry certifications and encourage continuous learning.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • SEO Expertise:
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing successful SEO strategies.
  • Strong understanding of SEO best practices and algorithms.
  • Social Media Management:
  • Demonstrated experience in managing social media accounts for businesses.
  • Ability to create engaging content and analyze social media metrics.
  • E-Commerce Knowledge:
  • In-depth understanding of B2B e-commerce, including wholesale processes and customer expectations.
  • Familiarity with popular e-commerce platforms.
  • Analytical Skills:
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to interpret data and make informed decisions.
  • Communication:
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with internal teams and external partners.

To Apply:

WhatsApp your CV to +92 331 3355260


Please bring a copy of your CV with you.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From ﷼3,000.00 per month


  • Higher diploma (Required)


  • E-Commerce, preferably in a wholesales: 3 years (Required)

Ability to Commute:

  • Ta'if (Required)
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