Senior Systems Administrator

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Work Style: On-site
Job Description

The Senior Systems Administrator is tasked with overseeing the daily operations and management of the organization’s IT infrastructure. This role involves ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and security of servers, software, and hardware systems. Key responsibilities include designing and implementing system architectures, performing system maintenance and upgrades, managing cloud-based and on-premises environments, and enforcing security protocols to safeguard against cyber threats. Additionally, the Senior Systems Administrator provides technical guidance to junior staff, troubleshoots complex issues, and collaborates with IT teams to support the organization's technology needs.

Main Duties:

  • Lead the planning and design of system architectures to align with business objectives.
  • Perform advanced administration of Active Directory services, ensuring security, efficiency, and compliance through daily monitoring and regular maintenance.
  • Manage VMware environments, including routine checks and occasional maintenance, to support virtualization needs across the organization.
  • Oversee the Cisco Hyperflex infrastructure, conducting regular monitoring, reporting, and maintenance for optimal performance.
  • Ensure seamless integration of new systems into the existing infrastructure.
  • Maintain business continuity through robust backup and failover procedures, including daily monitoring and regular backup tests.
  • Implement compliance measures via the Compliance Admin Center, managing backup schedules, retention policies, and conducting regular audits.
  • Ensure system security by managing updates and policies within the Defender Admin Center, and maintain email security through continuous monitoring.
  • Manage licenses within the Office 365 Admin Center, and oversee Exchange infrastructure and user accounts for seamless mail flow and system security.
  • Administer identities and privileges through the Azure AD Portal, MFA Portal, and Teams Admin Portal, including auditing, reporting, and managing Multi-Factor Authentication and Teams administration.
  • Administer endpoint security through EDR Solution, ensuring daily operational security, device control, and data loss prevention measures.
  • Tackle complex systems issues requiring in-depth technical expertise.
  • Lead root cause analysis and develop preventive strategies for system-related problems.
  • Perform high-level performance tuning and resource optimization for critical systems.
  • Conduct capacity planning to anticipate future system demands.
  • Maintain comprehensive records of all system configurations, updates, and procedures to ensure audit compliance and facilitate efficient knowledge transfer within the organization.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT or equivalent.
  • MCSA, VCP, and Azure Administrator Associate Certificate.
  • A minimum of five years in systems administration, with a strong background in systems design, implementation, and troubleshooting.
  • Proven expertise in managing server environments, including Windows Server and virtualization technologies such as VMware.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a team of IT professionals, providing guidance and mentorship to junior staff.
  • Extensive experience with systems management tools and technologies relevant to the organization's infrastructure, such as cloud services (Azure) and systems security solutions (endpoint protection, data encryption).
  • Familiarity with automation and scripting languages (PowerShell) to streamline systems administration tasks.
Aljabr Holding
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Saudi Arabia
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